How Can Color Impact Your Space?

Color has the power to make a statement and influence an entire design. Thoughtful consideration should be made for the color palette of your design as it gives you a chance for self-expression and sets the tone of your space. Whether it be an exciting, bold kitchen for large, lively gatherings or a calm, comfortable environment for a relaxing cup of coffee with friends and family, color theory makes a huge difference. Each selection in a design adds to an overall story and the design of your home should showcase who you are. BBG is here to bring your story to life!

The Pantone Color Instituteâ„¢ is a globally recognized and industry leading consulting service that forecasts global color trends and advises companies on color in brand identity and product development. Pantone has recently released the color of the Year for 2023 which is Viva Magenta 18-1750. This bold, vibrant color is in the red family and symbolizes strength! Introducing this color in your kitchen or bathroom will surely make an empowering statement. This color is inspired by the Cochineal bug that is native to tropical and subtropical North and South America and is where carmine dye is derived. This natural dye is one of the most precious, strongest, and brightest the world has known. Due to this inspiration, Viva Magenta proposes a sense of nature that goes hand-in-hand with the design trends for 2023.

What better way to incorporate nature into your kitchen than to use stone derived straight from the earth itself. With this new and fearless color paired with timeless natural stones such as granite, quartzites, and marbles, your kitchen design will bring the outside in with a fresh new look! Since the natural stone is pulled directly from the earth, each lot has its own unique color variations. Different mineral deposits in the earth’s core create these beautiful color variations that will make your kitchen pop! Iron oxide and garnet for example are known to create a vivid red color that would complement this color of the year. The abundance of the mineral deposits will also determine how pronounced the colors are in a particular stone. Because of this there are so many unique opportunities to work with your chosen color palette.
No matter which colors you end up selecting for your project, BBG has the resources and product knowledge to bring your design together!