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New Year, New Trends!

Thinking of diving into a home improvement project for the new year? Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or introducing a fresh new look into your current space, here are some design trends that are making their debut in 2023 that will help you get started!

Herringbone and subway tile, move aside! The spotlight is instead going to slab backsplashes this coming year. What better way to bring your kitchen design together than wrapping your stone countertop up the wall behind your range hood, creating a seamless look that draws your eye to a focal point. Also, no grout lines to clean means more time to relax! Adding to this trend, we can predict upper cabinetry is going to dwindle and will be replaced with open shelving that allows the stone backsplash to shine!

The last few years we’ve seen the emergence of organic elements making their way into residential design. Nature will continue to influence the design industry in 2023 through color palettes and natural stone surfaces. These natural stones such as beautiful quartzites, granites, and marbles bring unique color and movement to the space and pair nicely with natural wood cabinetry or painted cabinets that follow the green movement that has been manifesting recently. White kitchens have been a popular choice and will continue to be, but we can expect the introduction of warmer color palettes and bold pops of color such as dark greens, blacks, blues, and even merlot cabinets.

Whatever your design inspiration may be, Brazilian Best Granite is here to provide you with expert help to bring your dream kitchen or bathroom to reality! It’s never too early to stop by any one of our showrooms and see what BBG can do for you.